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Over the weekend, my cat-loving best friend found this absolutely adorable cat named Kameron up for adoption through the county animal shelter. She tagged me in a comment on a video of him and begged me to adopt this cat, since she knows I also like cats. Stan needs a little brother, she said in the comments. The next day, she sent me the post in a private message and wrote, Is there a way you can save him? He spends his day in the cage and he's so sweet. (Stan Lee, or Stan, Stan the Handsome Man, and Staniel to his devoted fanbase, is the bookstore's retired shop cat, who lives at my house. He enjoys extended naps on his favorite humans, head scratches, and being worshipped like the god he is.) I'm pretty sure that Stan Lee, being the attention hog he is wouldn't like having to live with another cat. Judging by the videos shared by the shelter, Kameron is also an attention hog.

I made my best friend a deal: if we can get the bookstore's GoFundMe campaign fully funded, I can get $500,000 in sales through the website, or a combination of the two, I'd adopt the cat. (You can donate to the GoFundMe campaign here.) Of course, I'd need to buy a building first, hence the need for the $500,000. Rent is too expensive around here, and many landlords don't want commercial tenants to leave cats at the shop overnight, hence the need to buy, instead of leasing. To encourage people to buy off the website, I created a special discount code, which you can use at checkout to get 20% off: Kameron.

Here's some books Stan Lee recommends. You can find links by clicking on the book titles or at the end of the description.

1. Forgetting English, by Midge Raymond

Forgetting English is a collection of short stories. Stan Lee likes it because he says it's purr-fect for reading in between naps on your favorite human or getting stoned on catnip treats. It was so good it made him purr. New, $17.95 Buy it here. 

2. Elementari Rising, by Nancy Hightower

Stan Lee liked Elementari Rising so much that he knocked over a bunch of books to get to it, then dragged it onto a chair so he could hang out with it. Elementari is high fiction. For thousands of years, the Elementari have slept peacefully under the observance of a tribe, but now that they've started to awaken, their guardians are nowhere to be found. A little girl who's the last of the guardians of the Elementari haunts the dreams of Jonathan, who must survive and find the girl while fleeing from enemies. New, $17. Buy it here.

3. No More Goddesses, by Kim Baccellia

When Jordan Lake discovers an ancient bracelet in her grandma's house, she puts it on, hoping it'll bring her love. Instead, it unleashes Hathor, the ancient Egyptian goddess of love, who proceeds to mess with the social scene at Jordan's school. Stan Lee liked this book so much that he sat on it repeatedly. New, $15.99. Buy it here. 


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