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18th and Castro, by Karin Kallmaker

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Halloween Night, San Francisco...
...and it's a party like no other in the world. Welcome to the streets of the Castro, where the women aren't shy about what they want and how they'll get it. Crowds, costumes and parties - the apartment building at 18th & Castro is in the thick of it all.

First-time couplings and couples who know how to mix lust and love make 18th & Castro the hottest address in the city by the bay.

Take an erotic journey with Karin Kallmaker in this follow-up to the smash bestseller, All the Wrong Places. The award-winning Undisputed Mistress of Lesbian Romance demonstrates once again why "Mistress" is fitting as she invites, seduces and delights lesbians worldwide with her signature-brand of romantic erotica

Used. Paperback. Good condition. Some wear and tear. Minor shelf wear to the bottom of the book.