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A Road Less Traveled, by Stephen Otis & Colin Roberts

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A doom prophet wanders through the woods announcing the end of the world. A 300-pound hiker drops half his body weight because all he can afford is oatmeal. A dysentery-infected Mormon tries to steal a dog from a private detective. A stoic woodsman smacks a bear across the snout with a flaming brand. Two hikers wander into a hyper religious commune in upstate New York and find out where all the soap in the world is made. A Road More or Less Traveled is the strange but true tale of two men who set out to hike the Appalachian Trail, America's most heralded footpath, extending over two thousand miles from Maine to Georgia. Along the way, they find uncouth beauty, collide head-on with America's churning technocracy, and battle through a faith in the ruins. Road is a story filled with adventure, absurdity, laugh-out-loud humor and gnarly soul searching. 

Used. Good condition. Some wear and tear. Minor shelf wear to the bottom of the book. Minor damage to the corners and spine of the book. Price marked in pencil.