American Goth, by JD Glass

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To Walk Through Fire… At two Samantha Cray lost her mother. By fifteen her father was gone. At eighteen she lost the only woman she'd ever truly love. Trapped by an unsuspected inheritance - the gift of her father’s blood, guided only by the guardian who holds the secret to her future, Samantha must enter an arcane new world where why she fights is sometimes more important than what…And she must walk the path of Light alone. But the darkness within parallels the darkness without… and the hunger she is charged to control in others echoes through her as well. Constantly questioning what is duty, what is selfishness, what is self...Boy. Girl. Gay. Straight. All of them, none of them…or something just a little…different, and all intertwined with a destiny only she can fulfill. The purest steel goes through the hottest flame. Let those who should beware: the only power to rival love is righteous fury -- and a new Wielder has been sworn.

Used. Good condition. Some wear and tear. Minor shelf wear to the bottom of the book.