Southern Heart, by Katie P. Moore

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For the first time since her father's passing three years prior, Kari Bossier returns to the south, to her family's stately home on the emerald banks of the bayou Teche, and to a mother she yearns to understand. As solstice dawns, and the advancing scorch of summer approaches, so does the gardener's daughter Regency, a tall imposing woman, with mesmerizing blue eyes that leave Kari grappling for breath. Standing before her braless and beading with sweat, Kari's every thought becomes transfixed on this captivating woman, and her appetite grows. If she were to give in to her desire, Regency would become her first. Though, as their hours together merge into weeks, their encounters become brief and ultimately short-lived. At her mother's urging, Kari is begrudgingly forced to entertain Lani Trusdor, a sturdy woman with broad shoulders, solid thighs, and healthy birthing hips. At first they are an awkward pairing with little in common, though eventually they become friends, and as their friendship grows, Kari discovers a lot about herself and her family. When summer finally draws to its conclusion, Kari learns her mother has cancer, she also learns of her feelings for Lani. Will she give into her passion for Lani or will her seething lust toward Regency take hold and conquer her?

Used. Paperback. Good condition. Some wear and tear. Minor shelf wear to the bottom of the book. Medium damage to the top of the book.