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Storm Surge, by Katlyn

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FBI Special Agent Alex Montgomery would have given her life in the line of duty, but she lost something far more precious when she became the target of ruthless drug traffickers. Recalled to Jacksonville to aid the local authorities in infiltrating the same deadly drug ring, she has a secret agenda--revenge. Despite her unexpected involvement with Conner Harris, a tough, streetwise detective who has dedicated her life to her job at the cost of her own personal happiness, Alex vows to let nothing--and no one--stand in the way of exacting vengeance on those who took from her everything that mattered. In the all new, revised edition of Storm Surge, these two driven women discover that even in the midst of danger, murder, and betrayal, there is one force even more powerful than duty and retribution--the connection forged by the human heart. Follow Alex and Connor in this thrilling action tale as they seek justice and the promise of a future where love might one day be found. 

Used. Paperback. Acceptable condition. High shelf wear to the bottom of the book. Medium damage to the side of the book. Minor damage to the spine and top of the book.