The Crown of Valencia, by Catherine Friend

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Ex-lovers can really mess up your life. Kate Vincent's ex, Anna, certainly does. Not only does Anna interfere in Kate's love life, but she totally screws up the world by traveling back in time to 11th century Spain and changing one crucial event. As any sane person knows, you cannot alter an event in history without altering everything that follows—but Anna has an agenda, and a score to settle. When Kate follows Anna back to the 11th century to clean up Anna's mess before she and those she loves cease to exist, she finds herself fighting not only Anna and her hired thugs, but also another woman—the woman Kate has never stopped loving. Romance, betrayal, and intrigue pack this tense conclusion to the epic adventure begun in The Spanish Pearl.

Used. Good condition. Minor shelf wear to the bottom of the book. Minor damage to the top of the book.