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Meow meow! I'm Stan Lee, the retired (and extremely, incredibly, unbelievably smart) shop cat. I love laying and sitting on books, absorbing the text, and recommending the books to people. Here's three books I couldn't keep my paws off because they're meow-tastic. Click where it says buy here to order them on the bookstore website. (Note from the humans: you can get 25% off your order through Wednesday if you use promo code Beach read at checkout on our website.)

1. Love and Ordinary Creatures, by Gwyn Hyman Rubio

Love and Ordinary Creatures is about a bird (human's note: specifically, the bird is a cockatoo) named Caruso in love with human caretaker. He was snatched from his home in Australia when he was young and has adapted to captivity. He learned all he knows about love from his previous human, who was fixated on his childhood sweetheart. Caruso has found love and happiness with his current human, the beautiful and talented Clarissa, but then a stranger comes into town and falls in love with her, too. Caruso, who is smart, inventive, and passionate, tries to put the stranger in his place before his loses Clarissa, too.

I liked Love and Ordinary Creatures because I identified with Caruso. We're both incredibly smart and in love with our humans- Caruso with Clarissa, me with my mom, Melissa. We also both lived with different humans before we acquired our current humans; I was living with a foster family and loved the adult male I lived with. New, $18.95. Buy it here.

2. The Quelling, by Barbara Barrow

The Quelling is about two sisters named Addie and Dorian. They're beautiful, clever, and hopelessly violent. They've spent most of their lives in a locked psych ward. Now that they're (just barely) legal adults, Addie has decided she wants to have children, ostensibly to replace the family her and Dorian lost when they were kids. The eccentric psychiatrist supervising their care, Dr. Lark, on the other hand, sees them as they to completing his revolutionary cure, so he doesn't want Addie's ideas to get in the way, or for her to go through with the pregnancy initially. The only person who might have the sisters' best interests at heart is Elle, a ward nurse.

I liked The Quelling because I identified with the sisters, especially Addie. Like them, I'm smart and good-looking. I'm very smart. Unbelievably smart. Incredibly smart. New, $18. Buy it here.

3. Forgetting English, by Midge Raymond

Forgetting English is a collection of short stories. In some of the stories, characters travel for business, and in others, they travel for pleasure, and others travel for duty. However, they all encounter the unexpected. 

This book was so good it made me purr. One of the reasons I liked it is because short story collections are purr-fect for reading in between head butting your humans to demand attention and cat treats or naps on your favorite humans. I also liked it because the author is a confirmed cat lady, and cat people make the best writers. New, $17.95. Buy it here.


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