Breaking: Baltimore City and County residents are eligible for 20% off and free delivery

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Breaking news: Baltimore City and County residents are currently eligible for 20% off their order and free delivery when they order off our website. They just need to use promo code Baltimore at checkout. Here are some used books we recommend. Click the titles for links to buy.

1. The Other Wes Moore, by Wes Moore

The Other Wes Moore tells the Wes Moore is a dramatic narrative that tells the story of two guys who are both named Wes Moore. One is a Rhodes Scholar and military veteran and is currently running to be Maryland's next governor. The other is in jail for murdering someone. Both grew up fatherless and had difficult childhoods. This book is a fascinating peek at the past of the Wes Moore running for governor and the other Wes Moore. Used, $6.

2. Must Love Books, by Shauna Robinson

I read this a couple months ago and really enjoyed it. It's a novel about a 20-something named Nora, an editorial assistant at Parson Press. Initially, Nora thought the editorial assistant gig would be the first step towards her dream gig. However, she's been in the same job for 5 years, and her coworkers are slowly leaving. After getting the news that her bosses are cutting Nora's already unlivable salary, she decides to moonlight for a rival publisher to make ends meet. However, when a cute author is thrown into the mix, she has to decide where her loyalties lay. Used, $7.

3. Time Was Soft There, by Jeremy Mercer

Time Was Soft There is one man's memoir of his brief stint at one of the world's most famous bookstores: Shakespeare and Company. The author needed to escape his home quickly and got on a plane bound for Paris. While wandering around the city one rainy day, he happened on the bookstore. It was interesting reading his story of the bookstore and the bookstore's owner, Walt Whitman. Used, $9.


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