Buying a building for the bookstore

Posted by Melissa Eisenmeier on

Hey everyone!

We need to buy a building for the bookstore, but we need your help to do that. You can help by donating to our crowdfunding campaign (which you can do here), or buying off our website. Either option allows you to pay by card or PayPal. I'm hoping to buy this cute building you see here. Buying this building and reopening would cost approximately $550,000. Right now, the bookstore is virtual until we find a new space, and I'd rather buy than rent. Buying a building is important for several reasons.

The biggest reason for buying a building is affordability. Rent is expensive, and buying a building is more affordable in the long run. The bookstore isn't making a lot off the books, and would like to lower the prices a bit after buying a building to keep the books affordable.

The other big reason for buying a building for the bookstore is so we can keep the shop cat at the store overnight. The previous landlords didn't want the cat left at the store overnight; they've apparently had issues before. However, having a shop cat is integral to the bookstore. Part of this is because having a cat on the premises means mice are more likely to stay away, even if the cat is the world's worst mouser.



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