Highlights from last weekend's big book haul

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This past weekend, I visited the Towson Library book sale to get some used books. Here are some of the highlights. The books are mostly half the cover price.

1. David Copperfield, by Charles Dickens 

Stan Lee  hated this book and knocked it over repeatedly when I tried taking pictures of it. I eventually convinced him that lounging on his electric blanket and getting praise for being very smart was more interesting than knocking it over, and he eventually agreed to model it if I gave him catnip yum yum treats. David Copperfield is Charles Dickens' favorite out of the books he wrote and is based on the author's tumultuous journey to adulthood. It details the adventures of the titular character from infancy to adulthood and follows his slow social ascent while he provides for his aunt and continues his studies. $5.99. Buy it here. 

2. Tess of the d'Ubervilles, by Thomas Hardy
Stan Lee didn't hate Tess of the d'Ubervilles as much as he hated David Copperfield. He still didn't seem fond of it, however. (Notice how he's giving his favorite human the stink eye in this picture?) Tess Durbeyfield's family is poor, so the teenager seeks help from the wealthier d'Ubervilles, because she's under the mistaken assumption that she's related to them. She meets two men in the process: Alec d'Uberville, who ends up being her downfall after he hires her to be his mom's poultry keeper; and Angel Clare, who seems to offer her love and salvation. Meanwhile, Tess must choose if she should reveal her past, or remain silent and hope it leads to a peaceful future for her. $4.99. Buy it here.
3. The Handmaid's Tale, by Margaret Atwood
The Handmaid's Tale is having a bit of a moment lately, because of the tv show of the Hulu show of the same name.
You've probably heard the basic premise: Offred is a handmaiden in a scary dystopian society, where women are used as pregnancy incubators and cooks and not valued for anything else. She lives in the home of a commander and his wife (naturally, named Fred), where she's forced to have sex with Fred whether she wants to or not and hope he gets her pregnant, because birth rates have declined. $8.49. Buy it here.


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