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Love and Ordinary Creatures, by Gwyn Hyman Rubio

Posted by Stan Lee on

Mom was a bit surprised I liked Love and Ordinary Creatures by Gwyn Hyman Rubio. After all, the main character is a bird, and we all know how cats feel about birds. But the bird is a pet bird in love with his caretaker and owner, a human named Clarissa. Being in love with your humans is something I found relatable; I'm in love with the two women I live with, and I loved the human male I lived with before I met Mom.

Caruso, the bird, was happy in his new home with Clarissa and fell in love with her, but then a stranger came to town and tried to woo her. Of course, he had to put his human rival in his place so he didn't lose Clarissa. Caruso's love of Clarissa and his memories of freedom are also tested when there's a hurricane that comes to town.

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