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A Beginner's Guide to Fangs, by Matthew S. Cox

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At eighteen, Sarah Wright never had to cope with a death in her family before―least of all her own.

Two weeks after waking up as a vampire, she’s starting to feel comfortable in her fangs. Sarah’s doing okay, if you don’t count wicked mood swings, crushing guilt, and a pervasive sense of existential dread. On the upside, her family is adjusting to the new normal of supernatural in stride and she’s even testing the waters with a new guy.

However, something’s changed with her best friend Ashley, who’s not acting at all like herself. To make matters worse, someone’s stalking Sarah. Mom copes with her daughter’s undeath by largely ignoring it, sending her on errands during the day when her powers won’t work and she’s scared of being killed for good.

Formal entry into vampire society sends her down a dangerous path, right into the middle of a war between elders―that her sire started. All Sarah wants is some semblance of a normal unlife, but she finds herself stuck between two groups of angry vampires itching to spill blood…

And they don’t care if it’s from her innocent family.