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Even Silence Has an End, by Ingrid Betancourt

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In the midst of her campaign for the Colombian presidency in 2002, Ingrid Betancourt traveled into a military-controlled region, where she was abducted by the FARC, a brutal terrorist guerrilla organization in conflict with the government. She would spend the next six and a half years captive in the depths of the Colombian jungle. Even Silence Has an End is her deeply moving and personal account of that time. The facts of her story are astounding, but it is Betancourt’s indomitable spirit that drives this very special narrative - an intensely intelligent, thoughtful, and compassionate reflection on what it really means to be human.

Used. Good condition. Some wear and tear. Creased bottom front right corner. Minor damage to the other corners, the spine, and the top of the book. Price marked in pencil. Please note that the price on our website is a bit higher than the price marked in pencil, to account for the rise in cost of packing supplies. Customers in Baltimore City and County may use promo code Baltimore to lower the price, since we won't be using as many packing supplies.