Shadows of Ashland, by Terrence M. Green

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In the depths of the Great Depression, Jack Radey left his home in Toronto to seek a better life in the United States. He left behind a newly married sister and his estranged father. They received only one letter from him. As she lies dying in 1984, Leo Nolan's mother asks him to find her brother, Jack Radey, whom she hasn't seen or heard from in over fifty years. Leo does everything he can to locate his uncle, but can find no trace before his mother dies. And then a letter arrives. It is from Jack. It was sent a few weeks after the other letter - fifty years ago. Jack had just moved on in his search for work. Some time later another letter arrives from Jack, also postmarked in 1934. Jack was heading south. A final letter arrives - from Ashland, Kentucky. Jack had settled down there. Fifty years ago. Moved by these letters, windows on the youth of his mother and an uncle he never knew, Leo goes to Ashland. He finds a town that still bears the scars of the 1930s. He finds his love, a woman who, like Leo, has been disappointed by life but who is unwilling to let it make her bitter. And he finds Jack, a man pushed to desperate action, while Leo himself experiences the despair of the Great Depression as no one else has in over fifty years.

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