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Talon, by J.P. Mercer

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Liberty Starr had just finished FBI training and believed she was doing her patriotic duty when she agreed to join the Talons, an elite covert group formed by the President in response to an atrocious act of terrorism. The Talons and their mission are insidiously corrupted with murder for profit to further the political career and power by the president's trusted advisor, his Vice President.Kayla Sinclair was touted as the best woman downhill skier in the world and was predicted to win more medals than any woman in the history of the Olympic Games. Kayla was at the top of her game when an avalanche crashed down on her, causing her to spiral into a liquor bottle to escape her losses.A twist of fate brings these two emotionally damaged women together during a tumultuous time in the history of the country. Liberty discovers the heartbreak of betrayal and becomes the hunted. Can she find peace and absolution? Can she rekindle a small spark of humanity that still burns in a soul that is coated with the blood of those she's killed? Will Kayla overcome her demons and hatred for the mountain and allow her heart to heal and to love?

Used. Paperback. Good condition. Some wear and tear. Minor shelf wear to the bottom of the book. Minor damage to the top of the book.