The George Washington historical fiction bundle

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Features The Reluctant Commander and His Majesty's Envoy, both by Richard Patton.

The Reluctant Commander:

Twenty-two-year-old George Washington was pleased by his promotion to the rank of lieutenant-colonel and quite content to be the second-in-command of Governor Robert Dinwiddie's expedition to remove the French from the Ohio Valley. Then Joshua Fry, the mission's elderly commanding officer, is killed in a fall from his horse. Washington, whose experience in battle is all but nonexistent, is suddenly in command of the Virginia Regiment at a remote field in the Allegheny Mountains called Great Meadows-and the enemy is coming.

His Majesty's Envoy:

When Governor Robert Dinwiddie appointed George Washington to the post of Adjutant General of Virginia in 1753, the twenty-one year old militia major eagerly anticipated a great adventure. What he got were hardship, responsibility and frustration as the British emissary to the French legions then occupying the Ohio Valley. The Neophyte Warrior series chronicles the adventures, romances and growing pains of a young Virginia militiaman named George Washington during the French and Indian War.