The Peacemaker, by Casey Dorman

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A thousand years ago the planet Talus was dying from ecological destruction. The warlike Tontors and their intellectual Falstinian slaves migrated to its twin planet Noruna, leaving the Aphorians, their menial slaves, behind. Now, a thousand years later, the Aphorians have rescued the environment from disaster, but the Falstinians, freed from their slavery to the Tontors, have returned to Talus to set up settlements on their old lands, once again threatening the ecology of the planet. The clash between the Falstinians and Aphorians threatens to spread to a war between the twin planets. Enter Jason, an empathic Peacemaker from a distant part of the galaxy, whose task is to bring understanding between the three races and avoid interplanetary war. The Peacemaker is a tale of the dangers of territorial competition, of racial hatred, and of ecological disregard. Based upon the twin disciplines of deep ecology and biomimicry, it is an inspiring story of the triumph of nonviolence, of environmental sensitivity, and of science.