Turning Point, by Lara Zelinsky

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It's Hollywood. Actresses hate getting passed over. Cold shoulders are common. Petty sniping is part of the fabric of the place, but it takes two to fight. Cassidy Hyland's birthday party for her son is about to spark much more than a truce with Brenna Lanigan, her cold costar on the television sci-fi series "Time Trails." It becomes the first step in a journey neither woman ever imagined her heart could take: to love another woman. Both women have pretty "straight" personal stories. Brenna is "just over the hill" by Hollywood standards. She's 41, with two teenage sons, and a second husband back in her Midwest hometown. She has spent from age 18 at theaters and on television, even a few movies, living out roles that other people write. Cassidy is relatively new. At 32, she came to Hollywood after majoring in Literature and Drama in college. She did a little modeling, got small parts, had a child, and escaped her abusive marriage when she landed on "Time Trails." From the warmth of an unexpected hug, to the heat on a sunlit mountain top, getting to know each other brings these two women closer to the truth of themselves, and how open their hearts have never been before. Turning Point explores the journey of these two women surrounded by a mix of supportive and unsupportive cast, from colleagues, to children, parents and spouses, both current and former.

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