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Welcome Home, by Glenda Poulter

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Shelby Livingston left home thirty years ago, vowing never to permanently return. But she's tired of her itinerant lifestyle as a photojournalist and is ready to settle down and stay in one place. When she learns of a position on the staff of a magazine near her hometown of Yancey, SC, she decides to bid on it and returns for an interview just in time for her 30th high school reunion. Memories of her senior year in high school flood back. She remembers all the pain she felt as the Six - Howie, Carolyn, Melissa, Kara, Naomi, and Shelby - were split apart, first through betrayal and then through departure. Shelby has to face the ghosts and the demons from her past. Will she be able to forgive them, living and dead, so that she can finally settle down in one place? 

Used. Paperback. Good condition. Some minor shelf wear to the bottom of the book.