3 YA fantasy books we recommend

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I've always been into fantasy and YA fiction, so here's 3 I recommend during our sale (get 25% off through Wednesday if you use promo code Beach read at checkout).

1. No More Goddesses, by Kim Baccellia

When 15-year-old Jordan finds an ancient bracelet linking her favorite actress, Audrey Hepburn, a romantic movie, and an aunt she never knew, she decides to try it on, hoping it will bring her love. Instead, it unleashes brings one nightmare after another, unleashing Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of Love. Hathor decides it would be fun wreck havoc on the McKnight High School scene, and Jordan has to figure out how to stop her in time to save one of her best friends, save her school, and get a date to the Valentine's Day dance.

I liked it because of Hathor. Also, Bastet, the Egyptian goddess of protection, good health, and pleasure makes an appearance as a cat that the author says looks exactly like my cat, Stan Lee. New, $15.99. Buy it here.

2. The Crown of Zeus, by Christine Norris

13-year-old Megan Montgomery is frustrated at having to move overseas to London with her dad and away from her all her friends and her hometown of New York. She finds herself transplanted to an old manor house, with only the distant staff for company. In an attempt to make new friends, she invites three of her new classmates over for a sleepover. They've heard Megan's new home is haunted, so they're excited about it. After discovering a cryptic poem, a key, and a diary written by the builder of the mansion, the girls are led on a treasure hunt, complete with clues that lead them to think the mansion holds a great secret. They find themselves sucked into one man's version of ancient Greece, and the only way home is through an ancient artifact.

I loved the setting; I enjoy books set in other countries. I also liked how the book incorporated Greek mythology. New, $15.99. Buy it here.

3. I'm With Cupid, by Anna Staniszewski

Marcus is a reaper, and Lena is a reaper. When Lena is dared to kiss Marcus at a party, Lena thinks it's the perfect opportunity to check first kiss off her list of things to do before she turns 14. However, she quickly realizes something's wrong when she goes on an assignment the next day. She realizes her and Marcus have swapped powers. Lena has a serious problem now. 

I liked I'm With Cupid because Marcus is sweet and sentimental and a nice contrast to Lena. I also liked the reaper/cupid contrast and how Marcus reacted to the cat he found. Used, $2. Buy it here.


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