4 books we recommend during the sale

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Need a good book? Here are 4 we recommend during the sale. (Use promo code Stan Lee at checkout on the website to get 20% off during the sale!)

1. The Crows of Beara, by Julie Christine Johnson

The Crows of Beara is about a woman named Annie. She's a recovering alcoholic and just got out of rehab and went back to her job at a PR firm. Despite the fact that Annie's career is hanging in the balance and her marriage is failing, she's sent to Ireland for her job to promote a new copper mine on the Beara peninsula. Once she gets there, she meets fierce resistance from locals, who are fiercely protective of their beautiful, wild home and its inhabitants. One of the inhabitants is the Red-billed Chough, an endangered bird that makes its nesting ground where they're proposing the mine would go. Among the locals who are against the mine is Daniel, an artist battling demons of his own, and despite Annie and Daniel's differences, the two find themselves drawn together. I liked this book because of the setting, and because Annie and Daniel were so relatable. New, $18.95. Buy it here.

2. Must Love Books, by Shauna Robinson

28-year-old Nora has been an editorial assistant at Parsons Press for five years, and she's become miserable at her job. Her misery is compounded by the fact that her best friend on the job is leaving to work someplace else and a pay cut to a salary that's already hard to live on. After the pay cut, Nora has to make hard decisions and figure out how to make enough money to live on. I liked Must Love Books because Nora is relatable; after all, who hasn't been miserable at one point or another in their life? Used, $6.99. Buy it here.

3. The Dragon Keeper, by Mindy Mejia

Meg Yancy, a zookeeper at the Zoo of America in Minnesota's Mall of America complex, knows she might be a bit too attached to Jata, the Komoda dragon in her care at the zoo. Komodo dragons, an endangered reptile species, bring the exotic to Meg's life, who finds it easier to relate to reptiles than humans. I liked Meg because she was what I imagined a grown-up Katniss from the Hunger Games would be like: curmudgeonly, not that great with people, but also kind of likable. I also loved Meg's relationships with her boss, Chuck, and the veterinarian at the zoo, Antonio. New, $18.95. Buy it here.

4. Housewitch, by Katie Schickel

Allison is a former foster kid and now a stay-at-home mom who desperately wants to fit in with the other moms in her town. Allison feels like an outsider and wants more for her children, so she jumps at the opportunity when the Glamour Girls, a soap company run by the most powerful women in town, recruits her. The Glamour girls offers Allison everything she's always wanted: popularity, a chance to be liked, and to fit in. After Allison's mom passes away, she learns an important secret: she, and her family, are witches. Allison must use her magic to protect her town, her marriage, and her kids. I liked Housewitch because it was the perfect Halloween read, and because Allison is sympathetic and easy to relate to. Used, $10.99. Buy it here. 


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