No More Goddesses, by Kim Baccellia

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Huh, those sounds interesting, I thought when I saw the cover pictures for No More Goddesses and the sequel Goddesses Can Wait by Kim Baccellia on the publisher's Facebook page. And Stan Lee would probably like them, since he thinks he's a god and the greatest gift to humankind. It turns out I was right on both accounts. I ended up enjoying No More Goddesses, and Stan Lee, the black cat modeling the books in two of the pictures, loved both books. He kept sitting and laying it my copy when I tried to read it. I think Stan Lee loved Bastet the most out of all the characters in the book, when she appeared as the goddess in the form of a cat.

Jordan is doing game night at her grandma's when she discovers an ancient bracelet in the attic and gets excited when she realizes her idol, Audrey Hepburn, wore it in a movie. Jordan decides to wear it, hoping it will bring her love. Instead it unleashes Hathor, the ancient Egyptian goddess of love, who has a ball messing with the McKnight High School social scene.

I thought No More Goddesses was a fun take on how ancient goddesses would behave in modern America. Stan Lee was just in for the goddesses. He's told interviewers at least once that he enjoys reading about his peers and he has fond memories of cavorting with the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. (I secretly have my doubts he actually hung around with them.) I also enjoyed it when Bastet, the ancient Egyptian goddess of protection, made an appearance to protect Jordan and her family.

Conclusion: four paws up for No More Goddesses because of Hathor, Bastet, and Jordan.

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